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Check in, Check it Out

April 6, 2012  |  Posted By:  
Category: Integ-Theory

integrity-facebook-check-inIf you’re a Facebook Page owner, you may have missed this little nugget last week in the midst of preparing for the big Timeline switch. Facebook announced revisions to the check-in feature over the next few weeks to more accurately reflect the number of visitors to a business.

Facebook reported that previously, if someone checked in to your location multiple times, each one counted toward your Page’s total check-in number. Now, only one check-in per person in a 12-hour period will be counted as unique. So while I might check in to Integrity once in the morning and again after returning from lunch, it will only count as one unique check-in.

Facebook also will count photo tags more holistically. If someone uploads several photos to an album tagged at your business, that will count as one check-in. Conversely, if someone checks in to your business, uploads a photo and tags several friends, each person will count as a unique check-in at your business.

Make sense? Awesome.

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