We are passionate advocates for the user—every website is designed with them in mind, resulting in easy-to-use sites that effectively engage the audience.

It may not always seem sexy, but we think simplicity is hot. Reducing complex elements into easy, effective online experiences takes more than flashy design skills. It takes people who are obsessive about user interface design. We are those people.

Usability must be viewed as a core brand value and not simply an opportunity to bill more hours. We embrace the fact that the user experience is the brand, and we remain a steadfast advocate of this user-centered design approach to, and for, all our clients. A misplaced button, confusing navigation or jumbled font treatment can ruin a website—and by ruin, we mean ensure that no user ever returns. Not on our watch.

Usability Case Studies

Statistical Analysis

We research website traffic, click-through rates and conversions to get a baseline of how an existing site is performing, then we use those trends to maximize site effectiveness in our design.

Wire frame

Before we put pixels to paper (so to speak), we start by creating a clickable blueprint or wire frame to perfect the user experience. This also helps reduce time and cost, as the client can see exactly how the site will function before we build it. Translation: no surprises.

Time-to-task Benchmarking

One of the most concrete ways to measure usability is to perform time-to-tasks tests—users are timed on how long it takes them to perform specific tasks on a website. Then after a redesign, you re-time a new group with the same tasks to measure the time savings—which in a large corporate Intranet, for instance, translates to millions of dollars saved in productivity.

Human Factors Testing

In addition to what we learn about user behavior from tracking tools like Google Analytics, we can also conduct in-person ad automated testing to gain further insight into how real users interact with a site, in order to assess how best to improve it.

User Personas or Profiles

Before you redesign a site, it helps to understand your user. We can conduct in-depth analysis of who your audience actually is, from demographics to internet habits to where on your site they click most.


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Every time I went to call Integrity, my phone rang and it was them anticipating what I needed them to do. Those guys are psychic!

Neal Fenster, CEO/owner, Enterprise Medical Services