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​Integrity Welcomes Back Stephan Wilmas

Help us welcome back Stephan Wilmas to our St. Louis web development company! (Or did he ever leave in the first place?)

Meet Stephan


This is not Stephan’s first Integrity rodeo. In April 2014, Stephan was introduced to Integrity by a friend at his climbing gym who happened to work here.

“That was on a Friday. On Monday I had an interview, and on Wednesday I was working here,” he says. “My life has never been the same.”

Though he began his career at Integrity solely focused on web product development, he soon felt compelled to take on new challenges. From custom web development and business analysis to program management and web design, Stephan spent several years killing it on key roles across a wide range of projects.

Nearly two years ago, Stephan felt led to explore other cities and pursue his passion for health and wellness. With full support from Integrity leadership, Stephan continued working for Integrity as a contractor.

One of Stephan’s many adventures before returning to Integrity

“At Integrity, you don’t ever feel trapped. Ed and John always support you, saying, ‘If you’re ever unhappy, come talk to us and we’ll help,'” Stephan says. “And they really mean it.”

After Stephan discovered and learned what he set out do and was ready to come home. He noticed that there was the perfect position open at Integrity — a truly serendipitous moment.

Stephan is now back as our resident Swiss Army knife with an important focus on SEO/SEM. Stephan dives headfirst into every project with enthusiasm and tenacity. He is currently lending his super skills to AlbericiDot FoodsEV Tech and BJC Healthcare, taking a holistic view of each business and aligning their goals with technology and strategy.

Outside of work, Stephan is on an endless health and wellness journey. He enjoys rock climbing, gymnastics and meditation as well as simply being out in nature. Stephan is also a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor and postural coach. A self-proclaimed sci-fi and fantasy fanatic, Stephan loves anything from Harry Potter to “any movie with the word ‘star’ in the title.”

And if you’ve ever stepped into our awesome office above the Landmark Tivoli Theater, Stephan has helped make it the incredible space it is — down to every last detail — thanks to his knack for interior decorating!

We are so grateful to have Stephan back on the Integri-team!

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