Integrity Offices 2016

15 years of working with Integrity and counting

I just realized Integrity turned 15… that certainly went fast.

For those of us working in the technology space in 2001, we all remember how bad those times were. Companies folding. Markets crashing. Surviving companies froze all spending and buckled down for a slow (eventual?) recovery. People went back to college because there simply was no work to be had. Everyone said “you would have to be insane to try and start a web company in this chaos.”

They were probably right, but we opened our doors that year just the same. We were a small team of idealistic web specific professionals who desperately wanted to work at a company that didn’t yet exist. We wanted a business based on the following ideas:

  1. The web is complicated enough to just focus on it alone. (It is not a “bolt on” service.)
  2. Useful is the new clever. Build things that solve problems.
  3. Be the thing you profess you are. Do what you say you will do.
  4. The user experience is the brand.
  5. No egos. Ever.
  6. Transparency in all things. Always.
  7. Passion drives excellence. This can’t just be a job.

And, we believed, if you do the above, you won’t need a sales team. Your clients will sell for you.

Within a few months, those crazy idealistic kids seemed to be on to something. We had too many projects and too many clients to stop, so we hired a few more folks and kept growing.

Like many successful corporations, Integrity began in a dining room. After several months, we graduated to a one room office with no windows (lovingly remembered as “the cave”) and eventually moved into our first real office building downtown. Since then we have been in an office on Delmar, a place in Clayton then back to Delmar in our current home on the top floor of the Historic Tivoli Theater. Though we have been many places and love all of St Louis, our heart firmly belongs to the quirky, youthful and diverse University City Loop.

Technically speaking, our world of web user experience has changed immensely. From small desktop monitors, slow internet speeds, and building custom content management and e-commerce systems from scratch; to large displays, fiber internet, and digital animation; to our current world of tool integrations, big data, the Internet of things and (once again) small screens on everything – countless mobile devices streaming content from all over the world.

Over the years, we have grown to become the largest privately held web firm in St. Louis, and are supporting corporations, startups, institutions and government organizations nationwide. We do this not through brilliant salesmanship (remember, we don’t have a sales team), but by doing the best possible job on each project we launch. Ours is not the path for fast growth, but it is how you build a great team that obsesses about making great products that users enjoy.

It has been quite a ride… We are eternally grateful to our clients who dream big, our team who never stops raising the bar and our amazing city of St. Louis – there is no where else in the world we would rather be.

You made all of this possible and we are forever grateful. Thank you.

If you want to join the list of companies we love working with, contact us today.