Ed Morrissey
chief creative officer, partner

 “The user experience IS the brand.”

Ed has a long track record of building and selling businesses, launching products and opening markets for both startups and Fortune 1000s.

Passionate about all things technology, creativity, user experience design, consulting, mentoring, mobile and team building.


John Simanowitz
chief executive officer, partner

“Have a product worth talking about.”

John has extensive experience defining, building and growing technology based teams, products and businesses for startups, venture capital/equity groups, corporations and institutions.

Obsessive about leveraging technology in new ways to disrupt industries and enhance the lives of those who use them.

Our singular goal…

 is to be the world’s leading web development company building consistently amazing websites, systems and products. This requires a unique team where everyone believes in:

having fun
being grateful
learning daily – failing fast and often

being happy
being responsive
ensuring alignment
getting to conflict quickly

being humble
being passionate
embracing productivity over activity
living with integrity

Our unique ‘operating system’

Integrity operates as a Holacracy, a fundamentally different structure for organizations that distributes authority and decision-making evenly to every member of our web development company.

We call it having a team of adults who can manage themselves, their projects and their clients. We’ve learned highly skilled, experienced and mature professionals who fit our culture are pretty rare, but we will never compromise when it comes to who joins our team – whether we are 50 people or 500.

If this sounds like the team you want on your next web project, give us a shout.

bossless structure

Why St. Louis?

Our city is a huge part of what makes us who we are.

St. Louis is at the center of it all, right in the middle of America and home to an awesome blend of cultures, languages, backgrounds and interests. Every day, we’re inspired by the creative thinkers and world changers who surround us. With a strong startup community, tons of awesome talent and an affordable cost of living, St. Louis has become home to some of the most innovative tech companies in the country – from web agencies to biotech startups to nonprofits dedicated to educating the next generation of tech leaders.

We think St. Louis is exactly where we need to be to launch your next web product for the increasingly demanding American consumer. Tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll help you make it a reality.

st louis web design illustration


What we have created is truly unique and not for everyone. However, for those who share our passion for technology, creativity, detail and polish, nothing else will do. If you hold yourself to a high standard and expect those around you to do the same, our web development company might be a great fit.

Drop us a line and let’s grab a cup of coffee.

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