Updating a senior sales management app to a new technology

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How does Facebook relate to senior sales? Well, it doesn't exactly. But, we're using the same JavaScript Library that powers your Facebook newsfeed to power the new and improved Sherpa senior sales management dashboard.

When Sherpa launched in 2013, they rocked the senior sales management community with their awesome product. It is easy to use, has in-depth reporting features and helps sales associates focus on families. You could say they're leading the way to success in senior housing communities.

Since their launch, they've grown by leaps and bounds, and their web application has been growing with them. New features are constantly in development and that's not likely to stop any time soon. So, the Sherpa team tapped their partner in web application development, Integrity, to create a better base for their developers to build on and to increase performance for their users.

Our team decided on React.js for upgrading the Sherpa experience. React.js is a powerful, high performing JavaScript Library which is easy to use and quick to build up code, creating a maintainable code base for Sherpa's team. It's also known for being highly performant, meaning it won't get bogged down where other JavaScript frameworks might. And, since it's an open source library maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a whole community of developers, we're making a future-minded selection, too.

In addition to creating a more maintainable and modern site, we're making updates to improve the speed of the dashboard by reducing to a single page app. The elimination of page loads will greatly improve the experience for Sherpa users, especially as their communities grow thanks to their new tool.

"It's been amazing to watch Sherpa succeed and grow so quickly," said Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. "And even more amazing to be a part of that success. We always know a web app development project was truly successful when it requires updates and improvements to meet the growing needs of an expanding customer base. It's what we strive for in everything we do."

This product won't be available for public tours, but watch out for more cool improvements from the Integrity team!

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