Why I will definitely buy my next pizza from Domino’s

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Personally, I have never been a fan of Domino's pizza. After college, bad food delivered quickly didn't hold much appeal - but I will definitely buy my next pizza from them.


Because on national TV they admitted their pizza was bad, apologized and explained how their all new pizza will be dramatically better. As a customer, they listened to me and have taken bold steps to win me back. Awesome.

This kind of brutally honest self reflection is applicable to us all - especially when a sale could be worth millions of dollars. Do you actively search out what is said about your company, products or services through social media channels? Have you interviewed your clients to understand how they really feel? Is there is a separation of expectation? If so, how do you respond?

The brands that last are the ones that consistently make good on the promises they make. Think long term, embrace criticism and don't be afraid to head back in the kitchen with a fresh perspective.

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