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Integrity Lorem Ipsum filler textOur clients ask us regularly - with fear in their voices - what all that gibberish is all over their brand new site.

That "gibberish" is filler text, also referred to as placeholder text or dummy text, that is randomly generated but shares some characteristics of real written text. It’s commonly used to display a sample of fonts or generate text for testing purposes. Integrity primarily uses filler text to fill in content areas during the design and building of a website so we, and the client, can see how that area will function once complete.

Lorem Ipsum

The generic Latin “Lorem Ipsum” is one of the most commonly used filler text in the creative industry for mock-ups and wireframing. Lorem Ipsum has been the printing and typesetting industry’s standard placeholder text ever since the 1500s and has remained essentially unmodified since, even in its leap into the electronic world.

Ipsum With Pizzazz

However, more and more innovative variations are making their way into the design world, making for witty filler text and modernizing the conventional Lorem Ipsum. With a simple Google search, you can find a sweet Cupcake Ipsum, an ironic Hipster Ipsum, and even a refreshing Beer Ipsum.

For all of the meat lovers out there, there’s a Bacon Ipsum and conversely, a meat-free Veggie Ipsum! And then there’s always my personal favorite, the Gangsta Ipsum, full of "lorizzles," "hizzles," and "fo shizzles." These new Ipsums are teeming with themed gibberish that gives the boring Lorem Ipsum a run for its money and most likely thoroughly confuses our clients.

For anyone like our user experience and user interface designers and interactive developers who create layouts regularly and are looking for an alternative to the overused Lorem Ipsum, there are plenty of clever substitutes to customize and spruce up your mockups and wireframes.

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