Using text messages to connect health coaches with trainees

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A few months ago, we kicked off a project to support a wellness research initiative with technology. The study, conducted as a collaboration between Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJC), will focus on researching participation rates in workplace health and wellness programs offered to BJC employees.

Integrity's custom web application development team has been hard at work on a text message-based application that will help program participants and researchers track their progress within the study.

We're building the custom application with Node.js, an open-source tool used to construct JavaScript modules that make up the core functionality of a web app. Node.js was a perfect solution because it's based in JavaScript, a building block for the web. It also executes tasks very quickly, which allows it to handle many operations performed by and for many users.

Along with Node.js, we're using cloud communications platform Twilio's messaging APIs to interact with users. Twilio's service allows teams to quickly and easily integrate text messaging into web applications.

In this case, we're applying the API to create an automated, virtual health coach assistant. Each study participant will receive messages from their health coach assistant to guide them through selecting their goals, report on their progress and adding new goals. They'll also be able to receive encouraging messages and fitness tips.

"Our team is always seeking challenges like this," said Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. "It's what we really excel at – creating awesome, impactful web applications and products using the latest technologies."

We're not quite finished yet, but we'll keep you posted! Watch for the launch of this cool application in the coming weeks.

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