We don’t just sell web solutions. We sell money.

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It’s always enjoyable trying to explain the services Integrity provides to those who don’t truly understand or appreciate either web application development or interactive design (my wife still doesn’t know what I do for a living).

I’ve tried to make it simple by saying things such as ‘we help launch brands online’ or ‘we help companies better use the web to accomplish business goals’ or even ‘we’re the crazy web guys’.

However, folks are often left a little bit confused.

Thus, we at Integrity have a new, simpler answer: We sell money.

It seems over and over again, working with Integrity helps companies make more money. Whether it’s our client who uses Integrity to update their market position via a newly designed website (and then successfully sells themselves for tons of money) or the company that uses Integrity to engage their market via social media techniques (and then drives more sales via very targeted, one-to-one marketing) or the company whose e-commerce sales increase ten-fold due to engaging with Integrity to design the complete user experience and online promotion strategy, designing with Integrity often means making more money.

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