Web development company heads toward ‘both/and’ future

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In reading Alan M. Webber’s Rules of Thumb – 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self, I was struck by Mr. Webber’s Rule # 11 (for those who don’t know Alan M. Webber is also the cofounding editor of Fast Company magazine).

His Rule #11 states "we’ve moved from an either/or past to a both/and future." He illustrates how Toyota was one of the first companies to make this paradigm change back in the 1980’s by offering an automobile that was both high quality and low cost – something others thought previously impossible (and we are seeing the results today of not believing).

We at Integrity live this rule every day.

Our web development company's projects are always both extremely creative and technically solid. We fully understand the high creative branding requirements of today’s global marketing teams as well as the system level support requirements of today’s overstressed IT departments. We often are the bridge for our clients and help unite the IT department with the marketing department.

No longer can these groups live an either/or existence and Integrity is often the glue allowing marketing and IT to develop a successful both/and relationship.

If you're looking for a web development company that appreciates the balance between creative and tech, let's talk.

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