Messaging Maverick, Grammar Geek

Wordsmith, grammar geek, messaging maverick; there are lots of ways to describe the person we’re looking for! We need someone who can take verbose technical writing and whittle it down to succinct web copy, brainstorm ways to optimize site navigation and can pilot content management systems better than a moth equipped with a lightning bug.

Our prime candidate is someone who is not easily intimidated or afraid to speak their mind. This individual should embrace hard work and occasional long hours, some of which may be interspersed with foosball and a never-ending Starburst supply.


Pixel Perfecter, Color Creator

We are looking for a web-minded artist who wants to make a difference. No doubt you are an experienced designer with an eye for color, a love for typography and an addiction to Photoshop. Our wish list is headed by a pixel perfectionist who can work within tight deadlines and whose designs are both innovative and user-friendly.

Integrity offers the opportunity for you to grow your skills, work collaboratively with internal and external development teams, drive ideation sessions, execute and oversee concept implementations and manage client expectations and project budgets.


JavaScript Jedi, Mark Up Master

Integrity seeks a passionate front-end developer with a strong knowledge of user interface development practices and a proven ability to integrate with back-end systems. You must possess a passion for the web and for creating exceptional user experiences in various digital media – such as web, mobile and kiosk, as well as deliver front-end components for complex web development efforts.

You create error-free HTML markup from content in various digital formats, deliver real-time posting requests, update legacy docs, love raw HTML code and can work independently or with a team.


Facebook Fanatic, Writing Wonder

Are you an admin for at least one Facebook brand page? Are you constantly critiquing other people’s social media strategies and thinking “I could do it better?” Then we’re looking for you.

We’re seeking a social media strategy intern who will eat, sleep and breathe social media. This is an opportunity to work on real client projects, write content, create social media campaigns, analyze metrics, make recommendations and overall voice your highly creative opinion.


Photoshop Protégé, Adobe Acolyte

We are always seeking those who are young, humble and hungry. Ambitious, self starters – who also happen to be creative geniuses – will fit in nicely with our existing team of interactive gurus.

Successful applicants will love working in the Adobe suite all day, are not afraid of bold design and stay up late reading Smashing Magazine. You’ll be working on real projects, not rummaging through iStock photos. Real projects mean website, logo and application design. Mad Photoshop skills assumed.


CSS Connoisseur, App Addict

We need someone who speaks the lingo: X/HTML, CSS 3, JavaScript, PHP 5, Linux, MySQL, CMS, XSL—these are all music to your ears. If you bring the skills, we’ll provide the experience working for the largest St. Louis web development company.

You’ll receive mentoring and exchange ideas with industry experts. This position is ideal for anyone that is pursuing or has recently graduated with a degree in an IT/ web-related field and has the skills, but lacks the real-world experience

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