Integrity’s goal on every web project is to be great by design, not by accident.

We use a proven methodology on every web design and development project that involves client feedback and approval every step of the way so there are no surprises. The outcome is an innovative, mind-blowing web product.

Let’s Talk

1. Discovery

Every project starts with a kick-off meeting to introduce key project members and review the project scope, milestones and goals. From there, we build out and agree on a project plan to keep everyone on schedule.


discovery image

2. Feature Definition

We conduct a full site audit to see what what works and what doesn’t. Then we develop a list of features and functional requirements for your new product that fit within the project goals and scope.



3. Information Design

After getting to know your users by analyzing existing traffic data (or interviewing them), we build out new navigation, user flows and content in a clickable wireframe to give you a sense of how your product will function.


information design

4. Visual Design

All of our web designs employ the latest user conventions so that your product is intuitive, attractive, fun to use and, most importantly, achieves your goals.


visual design

5. Development

Once you approve the visual design, our front-end developers get to work building pages in a development environment, while our back-end engineers set up your server and database.



6. Deployment

We conduct rigorous quality assurance testing against modern browsers and devices. Once we quash any bugs, we send the finished, awesome product to you for approval before going live.