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Integrity Welcomes Lead Developer, Landon Wiedenman

We are thrilled to announce Landon Wiedenman has joined the Integri-team as a Lead Developer!

A Little about Landon

landon wiedenman

Landon has a very interesting career background. He has spent the past ten years in Jackson, Wyoming where he ran a Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) practice helping people manage chronic pain.

What led him to the exciting world of web app development and technology you ask? Well, Landon’s experience with NMT led him to start a health technology company that digitized the record keeping process and helped patients better communicate with their doctors to leverage data and improve their treatment. That was ten years ago now, but technology development grew into a passion and has since become Landon’s main focus.

Which brings him to Integrity…

“Integrity attracted me because of their culture of excellence. I see the company investing in technology and putting design at the forefront of what they do. At Integrity if I need a tool to do a job it is immediately provided. Many other companies don’t do that. I also see that the management believes in always doing the right thing — and that’s something that is very important to me — to always do the right thing, no matter how difficult it is,” says Landon.

As Lead Developer, Landon is already tackling an eCommerce Magento site for one of Integrity’s largest clients. He is proving he can handle any challenge thrown his way, and the team is so grateful he’s on board.

If you stop by the office, you’ll know who Landon is because he’s the only employee who wears blazers on a daily basis. But it’s all just a facade because Landon says his true dream is to live in a van, fish full-time, grow a beard and live like a bum. A nice dream if you ask us.

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