Jiffy Steamer celebrates 75 years of innovation with Integrity

A company defined by innovation needs an innovative website to match. That’s what prompted Jiffy Steamer, our long-time partner and the world’s leading manufacturer of steam technology, to call on Integrity’s web expertise for a redesign and rebranding.

Jiffy is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and ever since their very first steamer was released in 1940 the company has been finding new and innovative ways to use steam. Jiffy Steamer Chief Operating Officer Clint Joiner wanted to modernize the company’s corporate website, poweredbyjiffy.com, by creating a beautiful, centralized space for all of Jiffy’s news and content.

Because Jiffy manufactures several steamers for use across industries and lifestyles, it was crucial that all of these steam solutions receive equal representation on the site. So we took our tech expertise and put it to work to bring Jiffy’s steam expertise to life on the web. We created a responsive, content manageable WordPress site designed to showcase everything Jiffy has to offer.


The new Powered by Jiffy website also introduces the revamped Jiffy Steamer brand. The Integrity team was particularly excited about the project because it represented an opportunity to show off that we’re not just a web development company. We’re experts in all things web, from design and development to content strategy and branding.

“Being fully immersed in the project from the beginning is something we don’t always get the chance to do,” said Integrity UX Design Lead Aubrey Bryzeal. “It was really cool to totally recreate the brand and be there for the whole process.”

One especially unique aspect of the project was our ability to be on-site for the shooting of Jiffy’s new marketing video and photography. The website is built around Jiffy’s imagery — and being there for the photo shoots allowed our designers to get exactly the shots they needed to make their vision for the website come to life.

The result is just what Jiffy Steamer needed it to be — a visually stunning website that frames Jiffy’s incredible steam technology with user-friendly functionality and a consistent, modern voice.

The Jiffy Steamer rebranding and Powered by Jiffy redesign is just the beginning of our work for Jiffy Steamer this year. A new e-commerce platform and a digital marketing overhaul are also in the works.

“We’ve been lucky to partner with Jiffy as their company has changed the steam industry over the past several years,” said Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. “It will be exciting to see what we’re able to do together in the future.”

Keep an eye out for more of the awesome collaboration between Integrity and Jiffy Steamer!

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