Human Factors Testing

If your app isn’t user friendly, it won’t be used. Our data-driven approach to human factors testing provides key insights to improve how users behave psychologically in relation to your web product.

Advocating for Your Users

Human factors for screen-based experiences are less physical and more cognitive in nature. Attention limitations, short-term memory values, visual contrast, information hierarchy, spatial awareness, mental models or metaphors, navigation schemas and visual cues are all considerations that inform and influence how a human experiences an interactive experience – whether mobile, web, kiosk, VR or AR.

We are obsessive advocates for users and focus on defining and designing effective, delightful human-computer interactions. We take this discipline seriously and have expertise ranging from usability testing to environmental analysis to business process analysis.

Case Studies

Integrity conducts extensive user research to discover how users interact with your product and to identify how the user experience can best be improved.

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