The ultimate web development company internship survival guide

So, you're looking into a web development company internship? Then we have just the thing for you!

This ultimate web development company internship survival guide, created by Integrity's 2015 content strategy intern Mary Ruth, will get you through your next internship and out the other side with your sanity intact.

Finding your inner superstar

At Integrity, everyone's a star. So you have to try that much harder to stand out as a superstar. As an Integrity intern for the past two months, here are some ways I have learned to truly stand out and make myself a valuable part of our star line up!

Ask questions
No question is a bad question, so ask away and learn! Your coworkers will appreciate that you are interested.

Be present in meetings and the project as a whole. Give feedback and state your opinion, every voice matters.

Come prepared
Read up on everything. Research whatever you are working on. In Integrity’s case, read the company’s website that you are working on and know the contract backwards and forwards before you start.

Be well-equipped
Always come ready to take down notes and reminders, whether you use a laptop, tablet or old-fashioned pen and paper. You will go over so much at one time it may be hard to remember everything when you leave the meeting.

Open your mind
Take others’ opinions and suggestions and work with them. Never just turn them down.

Taking the path to success

To become that ultimate superstar every intern is striving for, you need to learn how to succeed. Success is measured differently at every web development company. Here are a few simple tips I'd suggest to help you succeed at Integrity.
Complete your to-do lists
Not only should you make a to-do list, but you always need to complete it. Sometimes you have so much to do it just helps to have a little reminder. And hey, who doesn’t love to check it off when you’re done!

Don’t be shy
As an intern, it’s important to seek out a mentor. They are always good to ask questions and get advice from.

Feed your passion (literally)
Whether it’s on Tuesday donut day, Thursday cookie day or all the snacks in the kitchen, Integrity is always keeping you satisfied.

Know your memes
Coworkers are constantly communicating through meme so it would be crucial to know what they mean. sometimes a whole conversation can be held through just memes, if you don’t know what they mean you could potentially miss out on a “lol” moment.

Reaping the benefits

With my summer coming to a close, there’s a few things I have been thinking about. The best part about my internship is taking away all the experience and being able to use it other places. Here are just a few ways you can use your internship now or later in life:

Build your resume
People in college are always looking for things to add to their resumes. An internship is the PERFECT opportunity to fill up all those blank spots you may have.

Apply your knowledge
You should be able to use whatever you have learned in everyday life, whether it's in a classroom or just something you are doing for fun. An internship is all about gaining experience. Hopefully you come out having learned at least three new skills!

Pursue your dream job
The whole point of an internship is to see if you think that career is something you want to possibly pursue in the future. Hopefully, by the end you'll know if it's the right fit for you.

Rack up references
Another bonus of an internship is coming out of there with some references. It’s always good to have a reference letter on hand, Ed and John love to write glowing recommendations for their favorite interns!

Do you have what it takes for a web development company internship? Well, then why not start at Integrity! Contact us today if you're interested in working alongside our awesome team.