Panera eLearning HTML5 Transition and Training

The Goal

Modernize the Panera eLearning framework to utilize JavaScript in place of outdated Flash technology, while also training the Panera eLearning development team on the latest JavaScript technologies.

The Solution

  • Created a general eLearning JavaScript framework (A.K.A. shell) for use with any of Panera’s eLearning courses.
  • Implemented a representative course module for delivery with Panera team members for training and testing the general framework used for all modules.
  • Provided the training and education needed for the Panera team to independently support and grow the software over time via pair programming.
  • Created a library of resuable components and styles.
  • Created a visual React style guide for consistent GUI implementation.
  • Standardized source control with Git and created automated build processes.

Tools & Technologies Used

SCORM 1.2, Cornerstone LMS, Github, React, Redux, Node, Babel, Webpack, eslint, node-sass, react-player, react-howler, pipwerks-scorm-api-wrapper, node-scorn-packager, react-motion, asap-react-plugin, nom-check, react-styleguide-generator