The Goal

One On One Senior Solutions, a senior housing sales consulting company, approached us to help bring its unique, proven sales methodology, Prospect-Centered Selling, online through a custom CRM system.

The Solution

  • Performed extensive discovery to fully understand all elements of the Prospect-Centered Selling process and how to best translate the system online in a friendly, helpful manner with web application development
  • Created wireframes to detail the architecture and overall structure of the system, including content sections, application behaviors and basic design
  • Finalized design concepts that allow for an intuitive end-user experience
  • Assisted in planning the system’s Coaching Center, the online repository for Prospect-Centered Selling education, and provided content voice, tone and style guidelines
  • Developed the new CRM and performed rigorous end-to-end quality assurance testing to ensure a solid application for end users
  • Built materials, including designs and sales presentations, to support Sherpa sales and conference appearances
  • Supported first customer onboarding through data imports and general troubleshooting
  • Provide ongoing support for the system, as well as maintaining relationship for work on future project phases and expansion

Tools & Technologies Used

  • Symfony, JavaScript, PHP, TWig, LESS, Gulp, Vagrant