United Van Lines Interactive Map

The Goals

The United Van Line United National Movers Study of 2015 was created to share the moving data collected by United Van Lines from 1979 to 2015 including demographics information for the 2015 data.

In years past, the data was shared with news organizations as a jpeg, but there was little attribution to the team at United Van Lines. An interactive iFrame allows the their parent company, UniGroup, to show off all of the hard work they do putting this data together every January 1st.


The Solution

  • Worked with the client to create sketches and interactive prototypes to determine how the map should look and work.
  • Created an interactive map using minified JavaScript, so all of the code was in a simple HTML file and a single JavaScript file.
  • Designed the map so it could be shared as a iframe for any news site or bloggers.
  • Designed and created the map in just four weeks, so it could be ready on January 1st.

Tools & Technologies Used

  • JavaScript, React, Fontawesome