The Goal

Integrity performed a digital audit and created a plan of action to redesign the existing RAC website and to turn their current arts events calendar into a separate mobile application that was still RAC-branded.

The Solution

  • Conducted interviews with key stakeholders of the organization in order to determine information architecture priority and structure, program importance and overall feel of the organization
  • Developed brand guidelines, including logo rules, color palette and visual elements, that would hereby be associated with the RAC brand
  • Wrote and edited content for the new website according to the new information architecture
  • Created designs for a more aesthetically pleasing website, worthy of an arts organization
  • Planned a development schedule & underwent months of coding and quality assurance testing
  • Leveraged the WordPress CMS to make site content update easy for the RAC team
  • Deployed the custom WordPress website site and mobile applications for public use
  • Helped promote the new web entities through paid search and other publicity campaigns

Tools & Technologies Used

  • WordPress, PHP, Google Analytics, JavaScript, jQuery, Modernizr, Bootstrap CDN, Yoast SEO, Facebook, Gravity Forms, Xcode, Objective C, Push Notifications, Android Studio